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Hola.. Yes, you are in the right site only for Spanish Tutors. First of all, you do not have to surf hundreds of tutors and reviews to get in West Hartford CT Spanish Tutors. Meet right away one of the best West Hartford Spanish Tutor in CT.

In addition, remember that learning a language is a process and take many hours in order to see any outcome. Furthermore, it is not about a casual hour today and another in three weeks, rather you must be consistent in your goals without memorizing hundreds of words in a week, but immersion in the the best option. Watching Spanish television series can help to this immersion. Now, it is not necessary to travel to South America to learn Spanish instead a good spanish tutor could be better. So, go ahead and start to lean a language, it is amazing!

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Meanwhile, I, as your West Hartford CT Spanish Tutor, am going to teach you definite and indefinite articles.

Definite Articles


el amigo

la amiga


los amigos

las amigas

Indefinite Articles


un profesor

una profesora


unos profesores

unas profesoras

Now, practice a little

el,la,los,las? Supply the definite articule for each noun below.

  1.          mapa
  2.          universidad
  3.          examenes
  4.          tarea
  5.          boligrafo

Key Takeaway

Spanish speakers do not consider nouns as being male or female (except when referring to people or animals). Therefore, the term "masculine" and "feminine" are simple labels for classifying nouns. 

​Juan Carlos Gonzalez has the ability to teach Spanish in West Hartford CT up to Advanced Placement (AP) level. Besides Juan has skills to teach in Spanish and English all the subjects such as Mathematics, sciences, biology, web designer, physical, marketing, leadership and many more and on his conversation classes all the subjects in which you will be interested.

Spanish Tutor Class
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What do you get in one hour from Juan as your Spanish Tutor in West Hartford CT Spanish Tutors?

  • Small Spanish Conversation Pronunciation 
  • Cultural Tips​
  • Grammar Exercises
  • Listening form a native Spanish speaker
  • Writing
  • Social Media in Spanish
  • Feedback
  • Subjects for The Next Class

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If for any reason, you don't like my class, you can get a full refund after class. If you have any question after each session, just get in touch with me and I will support until you get the  results you need or will give you a swift refund of the session. LOVE IT OR IT IS FREE!

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